The American Classical Orchestra is dedicated to celebrating classical music performances on original instruments. Founder and Music Director, Thomas Crawford works to render more faithfully the music of the Baroque, Classic and early Romantic eras for the modern audience.

The American Classical Orchestra is dependent upon contributions in order to provide a unique opportunity for audiences to hear classical music performed on period instruments. We would greatly appreciate your support at any level, which will allow us to continue to be a vital resource for the arts. You may donate to the ACO by writing a check payable to: American Classical Orchestra, or, you can give us a call at the number above and speak to our staff about how you can help us reach a wider audience. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

If you belong to a corporation, we also welcome your support. We can offer you:

We welcome the opportunity to custom design a program that would best serve your company’s goals. For more information, please call Senja Foster, Executive Director, at (203) 838-6995.

Music Director/Conductor Thomas Crawford
Executive Director Senja Foster Kocsi
Education Director Mae Wong Miller
Artistic Administrator Tim Fry
Education Assistant Lisa Canter
Production Managers Joe Hsu
Dan Forte
Accountant William Russell
Recording Engineers Classic Recording Service
Librarian Kathleen Rice
Guild Chair Ann Harrison
CMK Guild Coordinator Sharyn Samuels

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